Anyone who is yearning for more fulfillment, alignment, impact, and self-awareness. Those that benefit the most are those that are willing to do the work to transform their mindset so that they can create miracles for themselves. No bullshitting, it actually happens a lot, once people learn to let go of negative thoughts that have been holding them back!

We are responsible for our lives and every experience in it. It's easy to blame our circumstance, our upbringing, the economy, our current political issues, and everyone who has ever failed us. But when we take control of our lives and lean into our desire for fulfilment, there are no limits for what can be achieved.

Who benefits from coaching?

  • Improved confidence
  • Removal of negative thoughts and actions
  • Improved relationships with family, friends, and colleagues
  • Clarity of life goals and the path to achieve them
  • Attracting and manifesting anything in life
  • Ability to utilize natural gifts
  • Feeling comfortable expressing yourself to those around you
  • Retraining the brain to become a magnet for everything you desire

What are some results of coaching?

Everyone is unique, and has different experiences and a variety of struggles. The short answer is that I designed my packages based on the common needs of my clients. Some people may only need a few coaching sessions because they just need a quick re-alignment, or need to talk through a problem. Some people will need a bit longer, to address multiple roadblocks and have an accountability partner. It's more than just knowing you are in your own way, it's taking action to clear your blocks! And that's why we have an intro call, to get an idea of the depth of coaching that is needed.

How long do I need to be coached before I see results?

Do you only coach in money & relationships?

Nope! Those are the areas where I invest a lot of time and effort, and do the most research, but I am a certified Life Coach, so I can help you in any type of coaching (business, life goals, anything really). During our intro strategy session call, we can devise a plan and create a custom package based on the estimated time it will take to reach your goal.

As the world's most frugal person, I can always appreciate a good deal! I try to offer competitive pricing while still considering the level of long-term value that coaching will bring into someone's life. I want to help low-income women, so I will take up to 2 clients at a time that are on a "pay what you can afford" (PWYCA) plan- which means we will establish a price together. If you'd like to apply for the PWYCA plan, email for an application.

Do you ever offer discounted pricing?

Will you work with women, men, and couples?

Yes! My primary focus is women, but I have helped men along the way, and welcome their unique challenges. I will work with couples that want to get their finances in order, but I prefer to work one-on-one with clients for relationship coaching, as I think its easier to be honest and upfront when you are by yourself.

My work is guaranteed to the complete satisfaction of the client. After our free 30-minute intro call, if you make the investment in coaching, and commit to showing up to our sessions and working your butt off, but you are not completely satisfied with their experience, I will either waive professional fees, or accept a portion of those fees that reflects your level of satisfaction. This offer is voided if the client skips a session without any forewarning. My time and your time are both valuable. I'm committed to making sure you are happy with your experience, and want people to feel like they are voluntarily on this adventure with me!

Do you offer any guarantees?

Good question! Simply put, a therapist works with people on emotional issues that affect their daily functioning. A life coach takes people who are already living healthy lives, and helps them clear their mental blocks so that they can have maximum success. If I come across a potential client that needs the help of therapy or other industry professionals, it is nearly always uncovered during our intro call and I will refer them for help in another area. I am not a psychologist or a Doctor, my services are not intended to, and will not address psychological disorders.  While there may certainly be similarities in the services provided by a therapist relating to guidance, support, and stress management, my services are not psychotherapeutic in nature.

What's the difference between a life coach and a therapist?